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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Adventure bound

My biggest boy left home this weekend, city bound for more adventure than what a little coastal island can offer.

Always been adventurous this one, fearless, brave, mischievous, gentle.

We grew up together, i had Jamie at 18, hes now 19 and almost a man... hate to sound all cliche... but where does it go, all that time,
it flashes in a blink of an eye, a life time in a nano second.
he has taught me so much more about life, than i have taught him....

I don't feel as if i have lost a son (as my mother put it).
No longer do i have to pick up his soggy towels, or wash his clothes, wake him up after lunchtime, or piss and moan at him to put the rubbish out or do the dishes.... AND i don't have to keep feeding him, (bottomless pit this one!) no more stupid arguments and grumpiness and bickering...yeahy!

I will miss his Jamieness, his smiles, and his infectious laughter, the smart arsed comments that make me giggle, his naughtiness, the sound of his voice and his presents in house and of course....his big warm cuddles, he calls me mumma bear, and i like that.

Actually I am really excited about the next phase of our life journey together...

I let him go with love, knowing i have been the best possible mum i could be, and have instilled as much goodness, morals and love as i could cram in there... I'm excited to see what unfolds in life for him, I'm excited to see how he matures and grows in the future, and what adventures he gets up too...

New beginnings
Always my baby
Love you Jamie


Pat said...

Big moment. Huge sea changes for both of you. I feel your excitement for him and your love. Good mom.

Karen said...

Awwwww memories, i've had to do this twice already, with 2 more to go. Brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it (good tears) but its a new beginning for you both, and to watch them grow is awesome.
I'm mumma bear to and i love it
You might hear of a huge wedding coming up on the Island in Feb next year, Thats my boy, all growed up lol
Its Going to be beautiful