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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Back to school

Back to school for Juzz and i, we are such dedicated students of the arts, it takes us 2 hours to drive to school. The beginings of our creations, one will be a greenman, the other will be an ant hill.
I have missed being at tafe, surrounded by all that creative energy, all the colours, all the students, coffees and chats with the ladies. It is worth the drive, to be in that environment and share. I didnt like driving home in the snow tonight, it never snows here on the coast.... its global warming in action.

In my garden

This popped up in my garden, it must have survived the drought.

Lillies have such an elegance to their shape, soft curvy lines, just beautiful!

Not a Creature was stirring...

I have loved these school holidays,
I loved taking the boys to see Harry's latest adventures and the "Bridge to Terrabithia".
I loved having not to be somewhere by a certain time, I have loved waking up to my body clock and not the alarm.
But alas, all good things must come to and end....
and the kids went back to school.

Monday, July 9, 2007

just a little quote

I am currently reading The road less travelled by M. Scott Peck,
and found this...

"The only way to be assured of being loved is to be a person worthy of love."

What teenagers really get up in the holidays!

When i came home today from my walk, this is what i busted my boys doing!

Reading Harry Potter... Thank you J.K Rowling!

Inspiration came...

Painting was high on my agenda today, as only a week of school holidays remain. My aim over the holidays was to paint and paint and paint and catch up with my art journal for tafe, my intentions have been good but it just hasn't happened as planned.
I did a bit more work on the dancing soul painting, and i just got so frustrated, i have the look of it in my head, and getting out thru the brush and on to the board is proving to be very challenging.
So... i went for a walk along the beach to shake off that self doubt stuff and think about the what, why and hows to do with the my painting.
I asked the great spirit for a bit of inspiration...
I came home, fed the ducks, and turned around to see the most beautiful clouds!
My heart raced, i was so excited, ran in to grab the camera to snap this shot.
Now, i just have to work out how to illuminate my painting like that!
Sure is pretty!
I Thank the Great Spirit for the beauty i see around me, and my inspiration.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

painting in progress

This painting is on its side. My idea was, instead of painting on big rectangles and squares, I thought id try something a little different to paint on. It is a piece of mdf board, and with my trusty scroll saw i gave it that temple look.
The painting is supposed to be of a soul (it is a work in progress) dancing.
When I dance out in the forest, I feel so at piece, at one with nature and the creator, I feel it all around and inside out of me , I feel the energy, the spirit of the place, and the people, I connect, I let go of my ego, my insecurities... and my body moves with a wild freedom to the beats.
I wanted to capture that zen moment in my painting. I'm still working on it.
The paint i have used is the atelier interactive acrylics. This is the first painting i have done using just these paints, we have a workshop on them with one of the Atelier reps when we go back to tafe. I'm finding that they dry really fast, even with the medium.

Today I....

Actually late last night i got busy sewing this little skirt, it has been floating around the sewing room for awhile, not quite finished, so i appliqued a butterfly on it and shes ready to go. Nikita and Tahlia came over today and it got the big thumbs up from the girls.
It is winter here, and the thought of getting out of bed at 6am to do markets is just crazy, so I'm on a mission to fill the website full of wonderful creations and get enough stock to do some markets this season, id better get busy... oh yeah, and be a full time mum to 3 boys, and loose 10 kilos, and got to tafe and be a good student and paint 18 more paintings to pass by the end of the year... and..and..and...

I made this...

HOT HOT HOT off the Janome is this little appliqued corduroy number, it says "love" and has little hearts around it, beautifully modeled by my niece Nikita, in one of Juzz's Beanies, cozz she is the Beanie Queen!
My ducks Gertrude and Esmeralda looking very happy in the background.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Puppy Wishes

Its winter and its school holidays, day 2.

I LOVE school holidays, no alarms, big sleep ins, i get to drink my coffee in the mornings, all of it, while its still hot, and have all day pyjama days. (i do my best paintings, sewing, artsy bits in my pj's.) we get to unwind, and relax, and catch up to each other.

After most of the day on the x box, the two younger ones were getting restless, so we went for a walk down the beach, took the soccer ball, had a kick, had a poke around at the seaweed, climbed all over the rocks, it was cold, and windy and totally beautiful.

I like feeling the cool wind on my cheeks, ahhh... the simple things.

My boys harassed a man walking his two puppies, little labradoodles, very cute indeed, they had a pat and off went the man and his puppies.... then my boys turned on me... with big soulful eyes "Can we have a dog mum" "mum" "MUM" "mum"....can we?

So far i have avoided the responsibilities of "large" pet ownership up until now, we have self cleaning, low maintenance kitty's and 2 loud happy ducks, but a puppy is like another child.

My boys are 17 14 & 6, we have a house that is suitable for a dog, (good fences) and children willing to share the love, and old enough for the responsibility of dog ownership.

So out on the beach at sunset we joined hands and sent it to the universe, and did a little dance for a happy healthy loyal chocolate brown boy puppy to come join our family.

Lets see how it goes!