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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Puppy Wishes

Its winter and its school holidays, day 2.

I LOVE school holidays, no alarms, big sleep ins, i get to drink my coffee in the mornings, all of it, while its still hot, and have all day pyjama days. (i do my best paintings, sewing, artsy bits in my pj's.) we get to unwind, and relax, and catch up to each other.

After most of the day on the x box, the two younger ones were getting restless, so we went for a walk down the beach, took the soccer ball, had a kick, had a poke around at the seaweed, climbed all over the rocks, it was cold, and windy and totally beautiful.

I like feeling the cool wind on my cheeks, ahhh... the simple things.

My boys harassed a man walking his two puppies, little labradoodles, very cute indeed, they had a pat and off went the man and his puppies.... then my boys turned on me... with big soulful eyes "Can we have a dog mum" "mum" "MUM" "mum"....can we?

So far i have avoided the responsibilities of "large" pet ownership up until now, we have self cleaning, low maintenance kitty's and 2 loud happy ducks, but a puppy is like another child.

My boys are 17 14 & 6, we have a house that is suitable for a dog, (good fences) and children willing to share the love, and old enough for the responsibility of dog ownership.

So out on the beach at sunset we joined hands and sent it to the universe, and did a little dance for a happy healthy loyal chocolate brown boy puppy to come join our family.

Lets see how it goes!

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