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Monday, July 9, 2007

Inspiration came...

Painting was high on my agenda today, as only a week of school holidays remain. My aim over the holidays was to paint and paint and paint and catch up with my art journal for tafe, my intentions have been good but it just hasn't happened as planned.
I did a bit more work on the dancing soul painting, and i just got so frustrated, i have the look of it in my head, and getting out thru the brush and on to the board is proving to be very challenging.
So... i went for a walk along the beach to shake off that self doubt stuff and think about the what, why and hows to do with the my painting.
I asked the great spirit for a bit of inspiration...
I came home, fed the ducks, and turned around to see the most beautiful clouds!
My heart raced, i was so excited, ran in to grab the camera to snap this shot.
Now, i just have to work out how to illuminate my painting like that!
Sure is pretty!
I Thank the Great Spirit for the beauty i see around me, and my inspiration.

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