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Sunday, July 8, 2007

painting in progress

This painting is on its side. My idea was, instead of painting on big rectangles and squares, I thought id try something a little different to paint on. It is a piece of mdf board, and with my trusty scroll saw i gave it that temple look.
The painting is supposed to be of a soul (it is a work in progress) dancing.
When I dance out in the forest, I feel so at piece, at one with nature and the creator, I feel it all around and inside out of me , I feel the energy, the spirit of the place, and the people, I connect, I let go of my ego, my insecurities... and my body moves with a wild freedom to the beats.
I wanted to capture that zen moment in my painting. I'm still working on it.
The paint i have used is the atelier interactive acrylics. This is the first painting i have done using just these paints, we have a workshop on them with one of the Atelier reps when we go back to tafe. I'm finding that they dry really fast, even with the medium.

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